Why we love Singapore

With a great deal of expectations and thirst for the new we came over to Singapore.  Of course there were also mixed feelings with regard to what do we have to expect  from the relocation. How will our wonderful kids react to the switch? It was like a dive into new unknown depths of the sea: A totally different culture, a different language, differently looking people. We left all our friends and all the beloved amenities behind us. We changed our Viennese paradise and our cosy farm in the country aside for the uncertain and unknown. A lot of people couldn’t follow our reasonings why leaving Abraham’s bosom and quitting voluntarily our Austrian paradise?

Of course there are the professional challenges for Claudia. But even more counts the unique opportuity for our kids to grow up in an international environment. To get in touch with foreign cultures, languages and lifestyle habits in a very young age. The opportunity to imbibe an international mindset, to get an understanding for people who look different, behave different, speak different. To learn that notwithstanding all differences, there’s a common band which units the mankind. To learn that all humans deserve the same respect which we expect from them. Regular stays at home in Austria help us and our kids not loose track of our roots. And last but not least we see in our move to Singapore a family adventure which will deepen and tighten the ties between all family members through common experiences and adventures.

However our expectations were, they were surpassed by far. The Singaporeans are wellcoming, warm people. They show a discrete reservation but no prejudges. They are polite and obliging and give a helpful hand whenever needed. Let me give you an example: Whenever Claudia is travelling with the kids in the Metro she’s immediately offered a seat for her and the kids – something what’s unthinkable in Viennese public transport.

Singapore scores with great leisure facilities: well kept public parks such as the Botanic Garden, the Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden, the wetlands in the north at the border to Malaysia. The East Coast parc and the Bukit Timah National Reseve offer great opportunities for out door activities. Several generously laid out indoor kids playing grounds and a magnificent bouncing center – Savannah, Robin and Jacob love it being there. Jacob has established himself very well within the Real Madrid lead SSCA soccer academy. Not to forget the extraordinary educational and healthcare facilities – they are rated amongst the best in the world. The Singaporean educational system tops the famous PISA test.

And one aspect is paramount  –  Security! There’s no other place in the world where one can feel that secure than in Singapore. No matter which daytime and were you move in Singapore, no matter whether you’re a woman, a child or a man – the probability to fall victim to a crime goes to zero. If your kids or wife are late you need not be afraid  that she or he was kidnapped, raped or something other cruel happened to them. There’s only a low chance to get involved in a traffic accident, above all compared to other Asian or European cities.

Of course the subtropical climate with temperatures soaring around 30 degree and a extremely high humidity from 80% and more impair at the beginning the quality of life. But one gets accustomed to it  and we consider it  the price one has to pay for all the amenities one may enjoy in Singapore.

Yes, we love it being here in Singapore and we are looking forward to the forthcoming years. We’ll keep you updated and share our experiences with you through our adler-asia-adventure.com blog!

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