Exclusive! Running in the jungle

With our move to Singapore we had to look for a new running track. Fortunately we quickly discovered an adequate replacement of our Austrian track: Right behind our home, in the jungle.

Behind our house runs the Singaporean greenbelt, a part of Singapore’s jungle. Amid this greenbelt runs the embankment of the former Malayan railway, more or less ramrod straight from the south to the north of Singapore, 40 kilometres long. Apart from a few rails and the old Bukit Timah railway station and some railway bridges, nothing reminds one anymore of the former railway line. Currently a part of the greenbelt is a huge construction site. A new water pipeline is being installed in order to secure Singapore’s future water supply.

Today the embankment is used by walkers, joggers and bikers for their leisure activities, and more recently also by us.

In the beginning it was very tough for us to do outdoor activities. Temperatures of 30° and above and the high humidity of 80% and more seemed to take away from us all pleasure for outdoor activities. But despite the climatic adversities we persevered and bit by bit we got accustomed to the special Singaporean conditions.

On average three times a week I run an 8 kilometres track. Very often Jacob accompanies me. Every time we are surprised again by the diversity of the jungle. And above all, in the dusk the jungle awakens to new life. There are not that many animals to be seen: sometimes a varan which may grow up to a length of 2 meters, sometimes some macaques or a sea eagle, soaring majestically in the air.

It is mostly the voices of the jungle, which do thrill us. We know already a certain section of our jogging track, where the voices of the jungle increase to the noise level of a starting fighter bomber. It’s incredible the noise which the voices of small animals can produce.

Now, already well acclimatized, we enjoy jogging through the jungle every time as an exclusive event.

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