Children cheer up the day

Children might be exhausting, sometimes, often, too often – and hence we forget much too often, that children are the best and genuine source of gaining zest for life. It is they who educate us adults to look on the bright side of life, they teach us to laugh. Scientists found out, that adults laugh between 15 – 20 times a day on an average while children laugh up to 400 times a day. The German doctor and cabaretist Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen got it to the point: Kids laugh 400 times a day – adults 20 times a day – dead people don’t laugh at all! Even a layperson can see a clear trend! There are so many more things adults can learn from children such as impartiality, curiosity, or to pay attention to the small things in life. But above all, they teach us to live the life. They enjoy the moment and haven’t spoiled it by the anxious fears of the future. Children live in the present, they do not muse over the past and don’t make big plans for the future. And that’s accompanied by a great virtue: They are excellent in forgiving!

Hence, each excursion such as our last excursion to the Singapore Zoo and River Safari with our kids is a unique learning lesson in the above-mentioned abilities.

We had an appointment with a Chinese Singaporean family, whose son attends the same school as Savannah and Robin do. The carefreeness and the frolic already started at the entrance. Since we arrived too early (!) at the River Safari’s entrance the fun started even before we entered the place. A small wooden boat in front of the entrance was misused as a climbing, jumping and balancing apparatus. The loud and cheerful laughter echoed across the forecourt. When finally opening the gates, our kids could not wait and dashed in, ignoring the ticketing zoo keepers. Past numerous fish aquariums and through the panda bear enclosure the kids headed towards the boat station. Although again and again we lost sight of the kids there was no danger of losing them, their laughing and jaunty hoots always indicated where they were to be found.

A visit to the River Safari is always worthwhile, this time we were especially attracted by the Panda bear enclosure. The Panda, also referred to as Giant Panda, lives only in a few mountainous ranges in the Chinese districts of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu. Only around 2000 Pandas are still living in the wild. A severe wildlife conservation programme is instituted by the Chinese authorities to prevent the Panda from extinction. The Panda is the heraldic animal of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and is often used as the symbol for the species protection. Because of his droll behavior and its special, black and white patterns the Panda is the favorite animal of many children and adults. Indeed, it really looks cute with its almost round head, the black spotted eye area and its erected black ears. Its paw has a sixth little finger, an anatomical peculiarity, which helps the Panda to shell and hold its main food, the bamboo. , it’s not surprising, that the kids spent a lot of time watching the Panda bear eating bamboo and rolling around in the enclosure.

Of course, the kids were also fascinated by the many exotic fishes which splash about in the numerous giant aquariums and the day was rounded off with an entertaining boat tour.

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