Angkor Wat Angkor Wat: The region of Angkor is situated some 200 kilometres in the northwest of the capital Phnom


The majority of travellers to Cuba do have a clear cut idea of what to expect from Cuba: Salsa and


5.895 meters high – a frightening height! Nevertheless – thousands of mountaineers come each year to climb the roof of


Morocco is a country of spectacular landscape. The alpine world of the Atlas mountains, its summits tower above 4000m and


On the Indian subcontinent unique to the world, a variety of ethnicities, languages, cultures, religions and landscape unfolds. In the

South Africa

With kids in the township South Africa is nearly as big as Germany and Italy put together. It offers a


Snacking at a street hawker in Hanoi Once Vietnam made headlines through scary news. Pictures of a terrible war went

Costa Rica

  Our hearts are beating rapidly and our wheezing cuts through the silence of the mountain: Claudia and I stand


Namibia Namibia offers the wide space to the voyagers to remind one of who he really is – far away